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Who was Mr. George Wagner?

Wagner 2

Our campus is named after longtime GISD mentor George Wagner. Mr. Wagner served as a mentor and volunteer in Georgetown ISD for  nearly twenty years, and was actively involved in various other community programs.

As one of seven children, and a son to an absentee father, George found his safe place on the streets of Brooklyn, organizing sports teams and always working two jobs. George’s mother was a strong, positive presence in his life and instilled a respect and commitment to education, even though she was uneducated herself. Wagner enlisted in the Marines at the age of 16. After receiving an honorable discharge, George attended college under the GI Bill. The Marine Corps provided structure, discipline, organization and core values that George passed on to his mentees and Junior University groups over the years.

George spent thousands of hours mentoring students, as well as worked with parents, GISD staff, Boys & Girls Club, Brookwood in Georgetown, Head Start, and Juvenile Justice to build positive futures for children in Georgetown. George routinely mentored 3-5 children per year for nearly 20 years and kept in touch with them for the long term. George started a mentorship program called Junior University. Junior University with the support of GISD, Sun City, The Georgetown Project, and local churches and consists of fifth grade groups from Mitchell and Williams elementary schools who meet and complete community service projects within the community. In the nearly twenty years of work, Wagner personally contributed more than $40,000 toward mentoring expenses and countless hours loving and serving kids here in Georgetown.

“He has 18 years of mentoring experience, is currently mentoring four to five GISD students, and also runs Junior University. Most of you may not even know who this person is; he doesn’t do this with a lot of fanfare. He does this quietly, and all he is concerned with is helping kids in need,” said board member Scott Alarcon. 

As a WolfPack, we are proud to carry Mr. George Wagner's name and to continue his legacy with our steadfast focus on relationships as a way to better our community and each other.