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Jillian Shanks

Mrs. Jillian Shanks will be serving Wagner Middle School students as an ESL teacher this school year. She brings 5 years of experience with her in a variety of roles including paraprofessional, self-contained paraprofessional, 9th grade composition teacher, RTI specialist, and as an ESL teacher. 

Mrs. Shanks received an Associate's degree in Korean given by special authority of Congress from the Defense Language Institute, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Applied Linguistics from Ashford University. Mrs. Shanks recently graduated from Texas A&M University Graduate School with her Master's in English. She is most excited to be able to share her love of languages with her students. She doesn't want a student to ever be embarrassed because they speak a language other than English, but rather to wear that as a badge of pride. She stated that "Languages are hard, but kids are amazing." She's excited for them to be excited as well.

Outside of teaching, Mrs. Shanks likes to read, hang out with her dogs, go on road trips, crochet, shoot her bow and arrow, go snowboarding in her home state of New Hampshire and study other languages. She lives with her son Kiernan and their 3 dogs: Loki, a Black Lab, Azera, a Maltese and Chalupa, a Shi-Tzu Chihuahua mix.

Phone: 512.943.5000