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Cole Shuffield

We welcome Mr. Shuffield to Wagner Middle School for the upcoming school year. Being Mr. Shuffield's first year to teach, he brings a wealth of knowledge having earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre and a Dance Minor from the University of Texas at Arlington. He is excited to share his love of theatre with students, and he is excited about the passion each staff member and administrator has toward education. He is particularly excited about the chance to be a leader in his profession. Wagner is all about student development and he wants to be the teacher that makes a difference in the lives of students. He hopes they experience what he did at such a young age. 

Outside of teaching, Mr. Shuffied likes to hang out with his family, go on walks, watch comedies, and drink Summer Moon Coffee. He has two dachshunds, named KC and Olive. He is the middle child and he loves his family and their support.

Phone: 512.943.5000